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Chest pain isn’t something to ignore. While some causes of chest pain aren’t serious (like heartburn), pain in your chest could be indicative of a pressing health concern. If you’ve experienced chest pain, tightness, or burning, don’t hesitate to call Nay Htyte, MD, DSVM, FACC, FSCAI, at Brooklyn Heart in Brooklyn Heights, New York City. Alternately, you can make your appointment online.

Chest Pain Q & A

What causes chest pain?

A wide variety of things can cause your chest pain, from a mental health issue causing a panic attack to a life-threatening issue with your heart or lungs. Some of the most common causes of chest pain include:

  • Heartburn
  • Angina
  • Gallbladder problems
  • Heart attack
  • Rib injuries
  • Aortic dissection
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Collapsed lungs
  • Shingles

Clearly, a number of things can cause your chest pain, ranging from issues with your heart and lungs to a problem with your gastrointestinal system. 

Because there are so many different causes of chest pain and some of them are life-threatening, it’s important to seek medical care if you experience pain in your chest. 

Dr. Htyte at Brooklyn Heart is available to help you get the diagnosis and treatment you need to eliminate your chest pain — and address whatever’s causing it. 

What does chest pain feel like?

It depends on what’s causing your chest pain. The variety of chest pain causes contribute to a range of chest pain symptoms, including discomfort that feels like:

  • Tightness
  • Searing or burning
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Tenderness to pressure
  • Pain that worsens when you change position, breathe, swallow, or cough
  • Fullness 

Taking the time to identify what your chest pain feels like, including how long it lasts and where it radiates from (if applicable), is helpful when you talk to Dr. Htyte. 

If you notice that certain activities, food, or other factors trigger your chest pain, tell Dr. Htyte about that, too. The better you can explain your pain, the faster he can diagnose its root cause. 

How is chest pain diagnosed?

At Brooklyn Heart, Dr. Htyte has a wide variety of diagnostic tests he performs to identify what’s causing your chest pain. He tailors the diagnostic procedures he uses to you. 

After talking with you about your chest pain and any triggers, he identifies the most likely causes of your pain and uses tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Some of the diagnostic tests he offers include:

  • Electrocardiograms (EKGs)
  • Stress testing
  • Cardiac catheterization

By leveraging the latest diagnostic procedures and working with you, Dr. Htyte identifies the cause of your chest pain and the best treatment plan. His goal is to eliminate your chest pain completely.

Get your chest pain diagnosed by calling Brooklyn Heart or making an appointment online.